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Managing our social networks has crept into the time management of our days.  It can be a little tiresome working out where to post what.  These issues will grow as our reliance and involvement in the social web increases.

If you have a Facebook Page and a Twitter account, you may want to update both at the same time.  One way is to use a content management system like Hootsuite but a simpler way would be to post your tweets to your Facebook Page automatically.  Many are already doing this to their personal Facebook profile but how do you post to your Page?

There are two applications that you can use to help you do this.

The first is Selective Tweets.  Follow the link and allow the app to access your profile (as all apps do). Once installed go the settings page.  You’ll see tabs for your profile and for pages.  Click the pages tab and enter the Twitter account you want associated with your page.  Click ‘save’ and you’re up and running.  Note that you will need to end all your tweets with #fb for them to post to your page.  This may be a bit of a drag, after all this eats up 3 valuable characters in a tweet already jostling for sense.

The other app is Smart Twitter.  Similarly you’ll have to grant permission and install it.  During the set up process you will also need to allow the app access to your Twitter account.  You can then sent tweets to any Page that you Admin.

Once the apps are installed it’s a pretty simple process.

Always remember, thought, that too much automation on social media defeats the purpose of the platforms and you’ll lose fans and followers if you’re a robot.

If you know of any other apps or ways of cross posting, please let me know in the comments.