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The blockchain was invented in 2008 as a means to make digital currency possible. For years after this it remained within the walls of geeky experimentation. 5 years ago the topic made its way into conference keynotes. Almost without warning it became part of mainstream conversation and real world application. This episode of the #TheNewNormal is for everyone who has thought “I don’t really know what the blockchain is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask. A completely non-technical, non-crypto introduction to the blockchain and why it is important.

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Through my speaking, writing and podcasting I tell the story of Digital Transformation: What it is, how to get there, how it is affecting your business and industry. I’d love to bring the story to you and help get you well on the road to Digital Transformation.

Life in the 21st century has been characterised by transformation from the way we communicate to our ability mold and shape technology to our lives. Most businesses in most industries have difficulty keeping up with this transformation as many still view the world and the way they work in it like it is still the 20th century.

Digitization is changing the dynamics in almost every industry. New markets are proliferating, value changes are breaking up and profit pools are shifting. This is a wake-up call for business but also an opportunity to reinvent business with a fresh focus on the customer, a fresh focus on our teams and how they engage & collaborate.

Having now worked at several hundred conferences around the world I consider myself a content specialist and wherever possible I work directly with clients to help craft their content in a way that will build a better conference. This may be advising on the agenda to make it more effective, to being an MC or Facilitator to doing filmed interviews with key speakers to create post conference material.

“Ryan Hogarth is an absolute pro at what he does. His knowledge for the subject matter came across effortlessly and he kept the energy up throughout the MTN Business IoT Conference. I would recommend Ryan for any big tech event and we look forward to working with him again.”

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The journey to Digital Transformation

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book-01Social media, mobile internet, and global personal communications have changed the face of business forever. Industry has surrendered control of the agenda to the public, their consumers and customers. Your only option is to keep up. Get it right, and the opportunities are limitless. Get it wrong, and you will be publicly punished, your corporate voice lost in the chatter. 

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