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The Dog Ate my Observation

Businesses, both large and small, are at an interesting juncture in South Africa with regard to social media.  There is a sense of anxiety about it.  Businesses are aware that they should be “doing” social media – the numbers are just too...

Ryan Hogarth – Talking to the Crowd

On the 22nd of February 2001 I delivered a presentation entitled “Talking to the Crowd: Your Business and Social Media”. I have included here a few clips from that presentation which will hopefully give a sense of what this presentation is about.

Autopage Cellular: Unavailable at Present?

A week ago I read an article by tech journalist Ben Kelly on a sequence of dreadful customer service he experienced at the hands of Autopage Cellular after being robbed in his home.  The article really upset me.  I’ve never dealt with Autopage Cellular...