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Being understood is the root of successful social and business interaction.  Without it civilization is not possible. Unfortunately we are misunderstood all the time.  According to a study you are only likely to fully understand (in terms of intent and tone) half the emails you receive on a day to day basis.

That’s just email.  Throw twitter, facebook, instant messaging, cell phones and good old fashioned face to face and we have a world where you can be instantly misunderstood 24 hours a day.

At the root of being understood is communication, yet it is only one third of the euqation. Ask any person or businessman and they’ll tell you that communication, in one form or another, is at the root of their difficulties.  Yet amazingly it is the easiest difficulty to fix.

In my recent travels I have found that  the subject of communication has become tattered and worn through mis-use and confusion. It is fantastic that even though this lies at the root of 80% of social problems very few people believe it to be a problem that THEY have! And consequently is a scrambled search for crazy solutions that take us further and further from simple communication.

It’s a wonderful subject to know!

I haven’t said much here – I intend to write detailed articles on all of this in the coming weeks.  I wrote this simply to say that being understood is possible, it’s simple and it will change your world!