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There is an interesting challenge in convincing a business to get involved in social media, or to “go social”.

Quite simply the older school businessman cannot compute the idea of “social” in the framework of business. Why on earth do I want my business to be social?

However once your business goes social it’s the easiest thing to understand. But how to cross the divide?

If social media were developed from the beginning with business in mind different terms would have been used. Unfortunately it would probably also have developed as a hard sell, old school marketing medium which would have been terrible. But because it grew from the ground up through personal interaction it has become the dynamic medium it is today.

So it is far too late to change the words. However what this means is that it will change the definition of the words. Words like “friend”, “social” and “conversation” have all changed their scope and meaning to some degree in the 21st century.

So in overcoming the challenge of the “why social” businessman we have to be smart in imparting the new definitions. If, of course, we can all agree on what the new definitions are.

What other words are being redefined by Social Media?