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GoGreen PlumbersThe possibilities and excitement of social media continue to amaze me.

Mando Lopes is a friend of mine and a gadget freak.  He is generally the first to buy the the latest must have item.  He is also a plumber.

Now plumbers have had their fair share of abuse when it comes to stereotyping and, really, what could be interesting about it?

Mando is going green with his plumbing and he’s taking it social.  I am a social media catalyst, a champion and an evangelist.  But even I was not sure that there would be a place for a plumber on social media.  You live, you learn and you are humbled.

He has just launched a Facebook Page and tied this in with his website but what has impressed me more than anything is the enthusiasm with which he is tackling it.  He loves being social and told me this morning that he gets up the morning excited to put his plumbing tip for the day up on the page and figure out new ways to engage.

He is already experiencing some positive feedback and this is spurring him on all the more.

This truly is a revolution and I wish him the best of luck and I’ll be watching to see how it works out.