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I have just completed work on my new keynote presentation: 2020 Vision




I debuted it with great success over 3 days at the International Franchise & Entrepreneurs Expo at the Sandton Convention Centre.  It is now ready for presentation at your next conference!

Here is a brief overview:  By 2020 we are likely to be 40 times busier than we are today.  It seems impossible but 8 years ago you would not have believed you would be as busy as you are today and dealing with the volume of work that you do today.

We cannot change our past but our future is in our hands if we understand and embrace the present and extend this into the future we can and will succeed.  The only way to predict a future is to create it – the future you want for yourself and the future you want for your business or career.

We are now right in the middle of a communication revolution.  This has followed the industrial revolution (around 1750-1950) and the technological revolution (1950-2000). A revolution is defined as a radical shift in society of or social structure.  Especially when made suddenly.

And so it is with this communication revolution. The change in the last 12 years has been the most significant in the history of business and it is the radical change in the customer/business relationship that has most confounded businesses and left them wondering how to keep up and adapt to this change.

The communication revolution is such that is evolves faster than it can be fully understood.  Before we’ve grasped what is happening it has already evolved.

It is this fact that is making us busier. But busier is certainly not always more productive.

The tools of the communication revolution, social media, have changed our customers.  Whatever industry you are in, social platforms have changed the behavior of your customers.  The way they make decisions, how their decisions are influenced, how they interact with brands have all changed. The customer of 2012 is very different to the customer of 2002.

The question then is: Your customer has changed.  Have you?

This is the heart of this new presentation and it includes details from a cross section of industries highlighting how their customers have changed and have been influenced by social media.

Lastly, despite technology providing the most sophisticated tools for communication in our history it is people, not technology that do the communicating.  Communicators have always been and will always be PEOPLE. w presentation and includes a detailed look at a cross section of industries highlighting how their customers have been influenced & how they’ve changed in the communication revolution.

When this new mindset is understood for your business you will have 2020 vision!

If you want to book me for this presentation at your next conference, drop me an email, tweet or Facebook message.

I look forward to working with you!