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Debora & Ryan


A deeper understanding of how to manage reputation on a personal and professional level has become increasingly important as communication channels become wide open and instant. With this in mind I am very pleased to announce the launch of this new service in partnership with Debora Patta.

Streamlined into a half day or full day workshop Reputation Management offers a unique inside view of the media locally, in Africa and internationally answering questions such as how the media works, understanding news rooms, how stories are assigned and how best to get your story into the media.

An in-depth look at how to cope with scandal, bad press and difficult questions, dealing with crises in the media, responding to tough questions and putting out potential fires. An overview of skills and tips needed in print media, how to give radio soundbites and TV interviews including voice projection to clothing to presentation skills and on-camera appearances.

A closer inspection into the world of social platforms and how the sheer pace and influence of technology demands that business become expert in managing reputation on social platforms on a personal and professional basis. Includes how reputation is managed on Social media, specifically during times of emergency and crises.

It also includes a practical hands-on experience for the participants in how to give a good interview.  The participants will actually experience first-hand an on-camera interview.  The interviews will be conducted by Debora who is widely regarded as one of the toughest television interviewers in South Africa.  All interviews are recorded with constructive feedback and giving participants a chance to put their learning into practice.