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I have been very interested in restricted social media platforms that provide a way for a business to be social among its employees. Both Yammer and Podio are platforms that are used and do the job very well.

But I’ve been bothered by the fact that it necessitates being involved in two ecosystems. On the one hand this seems right; the perfect way to keep business and personal separate. In theory you log on to Facebook at home and Yammer at work.

Enter Google+. The perfect platform to do it all.  By simply creating a company you can collaborate and communicate internally.  Of course your business has to be smart enough to have a policy covering how this will all work.

Google has worked very hard to be omnipresent on the web and they’ve succeeded in this with just about everything Social.  Google Docs: Check.  Google Blogs: Check. Google Pictures (Picasa): Check. Search: Check.  Video: Check. And now – Social: Check.

Combine all of these into one social platform and, wow: An extremely powerful platform for communication and collaboration within a business.

The only real concern is catering for “finger problems” i.e. posting to the wrong circle.

But still the possibilities are wonderful and I’ll certainly include this in company social media planning going forward.

Do you think this would work?