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Then and Now: Most casual conversation these days, when it’s not about toll roads and Julius Malema, centres around technology.  How it’s changed (or changing) our lives and the amazing technology that is available and coming.

Last century was defined by “silo” thinking.  Today it’s social. I want to highlight these changes as they relate to processes in business and customer band interactions.  I will be writing a weekly blog showing how business took place last century and how this has been transformed by technology and social business.

Things like how we traveled in the past and how we do it today, the recruitment process, inter company communication, handling of business crises – every facet of business.

I’d like your input – what changes would you like covered? What areas in your business have changed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll include them in future articles. This series will also form the core of my social business presentations.

It should be fun and informative.