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Two quick cool things I discovered this week, one on Twitter and the other on Facebook.

The first I discovered courtesy of a tweet from Ogilvy who had a social media masterclass last week, hosted by Melissa Attree.  After the event they sent out a “TweetDoc”.  This is a very cool service, which I discovered has been around for 3 years already! Essentially it’s a way to document all the tweets for an event.

Go to, enter a hashtag and it will produce a PDF document of all the tweets during the event.  A very cool addition for an event, giving an overview of the trending words during the event and all those who participated in the tweetfest.

Here’s the first TweetDoc I made for the Unique Speaker Bureau speaker showcase events I presented at on Monday and Tuesday.

The second bit of coolness I read about in a Mashable article.  Called Timeline Movie maker you can make a one minute movie of your life as gleaned from your Facebook timeline.  You can choose from a few pre-selected music clips and you can take out any images you don’t want shown and then, of course, you can share it to Facebook.

So have a little fun and unleash the short movie maker in you. Make your movie here

If you’ve discovered any cool social media tools/gadgets/apps please be sure to let me know!