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networkTomorrow I’m doing a keynote presentation for Ernst & Young’s Black Professional Network. The subject is brand building and network building on social media.

As I was researching and writing this presentation I was again impressed with how social media and technology have changed so much of how the world works, how business works and how we, as individuals navigate the world of work.

Much has been written about being a brand, the fact that individuals are brands and just as McDonald’s, Coke and others worry and fret about building their brands, so should we. It’s an almost incongruous thought – the faster the world gets, the more information there is the more individual action becomes important. You would think that with all this information and technology the individual would be less important, yet the reverse is true.

While it is overwhelming to consider how ‘little old you’ can change the world, it is quite realistic to consider how you can positively influence an industry or small part of an industry. Technology and social media has provided driven and talented individulas with the means to become influential in highly niched areas. In turn multiple acts of influence by many people add up to a changed world. I know, I’m terribly idealistic. But I have the most fun in idealism.

The key take away for those in the audience tomorrow will be this: Employers are caring less and less about your 4 page CV. What they will care more about is the quality of YOUR brand and the credibility of the network you can bring to their organisation.