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Along with everything else that is transforming this century, people are (very slowly right now) rethinking the entire concept of owning things. It’s a massive shift considering the overwhelming consumer drive of the last century has ingrained the idea of having things.

Naturally the shift has started with digital goods like music. Anything digital can be stored in the cloud somewhere, ready whenever we need it. Our iTunes or Spotify accounts allow us access to whatever music we want, whenever we want it so why own a thousand CD’s?

With digitisation coming to every industry we see that almost anything can be a service or a facility ready for us to use on demand. Uber introduced the world to on demand transport. In its early days it was an easy way to go partying without having to deal with the question of driving. However this is creeping more and more into daily, ordinary use.

So the question now is: Will we move away from owning cars? Is the car you are driving now the last you’ll ever own? I explore this question with Uber and with someone who gave up the car to go on demand full time. I chatted with Shivay Govender from Uber and Samantha Perry who gave up her car.