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this is me and what I do

In all likelihood you found this website because of one of the three below activities which keep me active and, in a general sense, out of trouble. At first glance it would seem these are completely different areas of interest. They are, however tied together by what they hold in common: People.

At some level each of these activities afford me the opportunity to meet and engage a wide variety of people which is pretty much my favourite thing. 


Since 2010 I have worked in 14 countries and 900 conferences as either a keynote speaker or as an MC, Facilitator or host. The pandemic of 2020 has altered the course of my speaking but I still continue to work as a speaker whether live or virtual. You can get the full scoop on my specialty as a speaker by clicking here.

marriage officer

Since 2000 I have presided at over 1800 weddings as a secular, non-religious Marriage Officer. The need for this service continues to grow and the business now has 5 Marriage Officers in 3 cities officiating around 500 weddings a year. More info at

game streamer

My pet passion project. For 5 years I have been trying to reach the highest rank in Rocket League. It’s ridiculously challenging for a man on the cusp of 50. I stream live and create content around this journey on Youtube. You can dip in on my channel here: Rocket League Grey Beard


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Technology, Optimism & Responsibility

Technology, Optimism & Responsibility

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