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I will admit that I have been slow to catch on.

The world cup 2010 has been in planning for close to 7 years.  I’ve been irritated during this time to observe many instances of media manufactured pessimism about what will happen from the infamous “plan B” frenzy to the “crime problem”.  But besides that the event has been very much “over there”.

Then suddenly it has arrived.  You cannot help but be caught up in the frenzy and excitement.  Driving along the highways of Joburg I find myself making eye contact with other drives and giving a thumbs up or peace sign or whatever.  How remarkable.

The sudden appearance of the plethora of flags along the major routes, at petrol stations and on cars adds to the excitement. I’m exhilarated by the create we see all over the city, trees being wrapped in orange (no, I don’t know why), fields of garish yellow hands planted at the Gilooly’s interchange, the massive flag of coloured stones that can only be clearly seen from the air. 

And now I sit, 48 hours from kick-off and I can hardly work.  I fantasize about Bafana reaching the finals and I’m overwhelmed at what this might mean for my country when two weeks ago I would not have rated Bafana’s chances of even scoring a goal.

I am consumed by the magic and euphoria that has built.  I’m filled with wonder at how for brief moments we can all see clearly and agree.

This represents the best of what humanity can be.  That we choose this for such short periods is sad but nonetheless we have shown we can reach these hights so surely we can all do something positive everyday to make this unification a glorious constant in our lives.

That would be worth contributing to!


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