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A QR (Quick Response) code is essentially a bar code that can prompt action like directing someone to a website or sending an SMS or giving contact or price information.

You will begin to see QR codes being used more and more. If you have never seen one, it looks something like this:

If you scanned this code you would be presented with my contact information and have the option of visiting my website.

To read a QR code you will need to download a scanner for your smart phone.  Go to your app store or market and simply search for “barcode scanner”.  The one I use is simply called “Barcode Scanner”.  This app utilises your phones camera.  Just point it at the code and the info will pop up.

There are two ways you can create your own QR code:

1. Visit  A text box is provided to type in what you want coded and then click “qurify” and your code is generated.  Download the picture and use it on your business cards, website, banners, wherever.

2.  Download a QR code generating app from you app store.  There are a few around.  You will be able to generate QR codes for contacts or do things like write an SMS where all the scanner has to do it hit “send”.

There are as many uses as you creativity will allow.

Go for it!