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From Monday the 21st to Wednesday the 23rd Feb I was at the Meetings Africa Expo, Sandton Convention Centre.

During these 3 days I had the privilege of listening to some amazing speakers – Andy Rice (Death of Advertising); Helen Nicholson (the Art of Networking); Donna Rachelson (Branding and Marketing YOU); Gary Bailey (Leadership); Debora Patta (Why South Africa is the best place to live); Gerry Skerrit (21st Century Team Building); Robin Wheeler (Being Yourself for a Living); Justin Cohen (What’s Your Story?); Iain Johnston (Searching for Customers); Justice Malala and a number more.

Having listened intently to all of these presentations I learned much about being a public speaker (my original intention in sitting through the presentations).  However what I took away was so much more valuable.

To keep it short I learned that we are living in an evolving world – so much has changed about how we go about life, how we interact with life and how we should be interacting with life – in business in particular but also personally.

Through the information imparted I see that in general there is an awakening in business that human potential is vast and that an individual can contribute so much more to the greater good if they are just allowed to.  And as individuals make up the greatest assets of business it makes perfect sense to empower, encourage and just allow people to grow.

Business is slowly coming around to the idea that just maybe they are not the be all and end all to human civilization but rather a conduit, through it’s people, to making a better world.

And lastly I came away from all of these discussion with a real sense of excitement about my life and my future and the future of this fabulous country.  All presentations had this positive sense of the future and I’m glad to be part of it.

Thanks to all who presented.

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