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We’re not Robots

Life in the 21st century has been characterised by transformation.  The way we communicate, our ability to have global networks and the way we are shape and mould technology to our lives. We have computing power that was simply unimaginable a generation ago and unprecedented individual ability to build broad audiences and shape influence.

Everything about being a customer and an employee has been transformed. Consequently, everything about being in business is being transformed, in every industry in the world.

The more the world advances technologically the greater the need for a real understanding of people and their changing behaviour.

In this this presentation Ryan details that digital transformation means: Transforming teams, transforming customer experience and, most urgently, transforming our businesses models.

Before you change what you do you have to change the way you think. This presentation does just that.


Decoding Digital 

Technology has become highly customizable and increasingly personal. This trend has its roots in the democratising power of the Internet since it went mainstream in the late 1990s.

Social Media, mobile technology & the Internet have converged to create a new breed of customer and a new breed of employee who have been empowered by personal technology & a constant access to information. They are going about the business of being customers and employees in new and interesting ways and they are demanding a new breed of business; a business that understands its people and the technology they use.

Whether consumer or business facing, every business is living in a world of digital transformation: Using both technology and an understanding of people to build agile, adaptable & innovative businesses.

Ryan Hogarth’s keynote presentation decodes digital transformation by taking audiences on a 50 year journey through the five factors of change in our lifetime and how business can adapt to meet the demands of the converged customer and employee. He will help you decode digital.

Team Thinking Intervention: Fear – Friction – Future

A Business Intervention: “becoming involved intentionally in a difficult or challenging situation in order to change it or improve it or prevent it from getting worse.”

Incorporating Team Thinking Interventions into a conference allows delegates to engage keynote content as it relates to their specific challenges. It’s taking conferences by storm.  This intervention helps delegates see where their thinking is “stuck” and how to move to innovative thinking.  Before you can change what you do, you have to change how you think. This intervention does that. Resistance to change or transformation is expressed as fear. As long as leaders fear the future they will retreat to do doing what they have always done, even when it doesn’t work. Only by viewing the future and what can be gained will thinking (followed by action) evolve.

This intervention can be done in an hour, 90 minutes or 3 hours, depending on the the depth of conversation required for your conference.

How to Win Influence & Friend People (#WinningInfluence)

It is understood that we live in a world of change. The phrase “change is the only constant” has been with us for centuries.  But what we struggle with today is the rate of change. We are left breathless at how quickly our world is changing.

Yet we are all in business to win.  If we weren’t, why would we be there? The “How to” has changed. Winning in the 21st century is defined and experienced differently to what is was in the 20th Century.

Business will achieve success and win to the degree that it is able to influence customers and workforces. Influence in the 20th century was defined and characterised by control.  Through the impact of social platforms and technology customers go about the business of being customers very differently.  Employees have vastly different expectations of their work. Your path to success has to move from one of “control” to one of “trust”. Only through trust can influence be built.

Ryan Hogarth’s keynote presentation on this topic details the journey of control to trust and goes on to define what “trust” means in a world that is always on, always available, always different and always changing.

The Challenge of Change: 20:20 Vision

Within living memory the world has change more than it changed in the 300 years before. In the last 40 years the world population has doubled and, today there are 5 forces driving this change: Computing, Communication, Connectivity, Collaboration and Convergence.

The greatest consequence of this change has been the re-writing of the understood rules of business. We have to unlearn in order to relearn how business works in the Internet Century.

We have always understood that we live in a world of change. The phrase “change is the only constant” has been with us for centuries.  But what we struggle with today is the rate of change. We are left breathless at how quickly our world is changing.

This keynote presentation will take your audiences on a journey through this change and then unpack the new business thinking required to take advantage of the massive opportunities that exist when this thinking is understood and embraced.

They way we lead and develop our businesses over the next 5 years leading to 20:20 is being influenced and dominated by this new business thinking.


Evolutionary Organisations

Presentation Overview

The way organisations are managed seem to be increasingly out of date. We sense that the change that is all around is has made our organisations slow and inefficient. We hear about innovation, we talk about new leadership and building corporate culture but find it near impossible to implement into these aging organisational structures.

Human civilisation is shifting to a new era of evolution and every time it has done so in the past it has necessitated a new way for us to organise ourselves. So it is today.

A few pioneering organisations around the world have completely reinvented the modern business model and are experiencing staggering success.

Who are these organisations, what are they doing and can their models be replicated in any industry?

This keynote presentation will take your audiences through this new business model and show them how they can rediscover their passion and purpose for work.