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Picture Credit: Idea Go

Taking your business social has real offline consequences that must be considered.

Having said that, going social is an inevitability for every business. This cannot be delayed much longer.  And when the moment finally arrives it is worth considering the following:

Going social means being available for your customer on the platform of their choosing and on their timeline. Most likely your business is currently contacted by email.  If you’ve been efficient you will have a policy to respond to email queries within a certain number of hours, perhaps 24.  You will also have discovered that this is too long for your customer and they have already been demanding a quicker response time.

When you arrive on the social web this demand for response goes vertical! If you’re there your customer expects you to respond now. As a consumer it is terribly frustrating to find a Twitter account that gets no response for days.  Why bother? By being there you have indicated your willingness to communicate with me.  Why go through that trouble only to blow it with no response?

Offline planning then becomes a crucial element of your social planning. It need not be arduous or complicated. You need to know:

  • Who will be monitoring your accounts?
  • Who will respond to inquiries?

This may require a bit of reorganisation and a roster and probably some basic training.

The more you close the lag between inquiry and response the greater your advantage will be in your marketplace. After all, we are living in the instant generation.