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The title of this article borrows from one of the most famous self-help books of all time “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Written in 1936 it addressed a fundamental element in a world that had undergone radical and drastic change.

In the 1930s big business was coming into its own and the world was coming to the end of the industrial revolution which would give way to the technological revolution in the 1950s. Business and industry had grown as much as they could through sheer brawn. Society as a whole was now looking to the softer elements of human relations.

And so arrived this book which described how individuals could be likeable, engaging and interested in others. It revolutionised business relationships.

I believe we are in a similar, although vastly accelerated, stage of business & human relationships now. We are in the throes of the technological revolution with new & radical technology affecting every aspect of our lives.

Business finds itself having to be more human in order to engage 21st century customers.

Hence this is the title of my new keynote presentation:

How to Win Influence & Friend People

The social business relationships of the 21st century

Control has been replaced by influence. 20th century business sought to control its environment and its customers. Today it must be influential. This influence is built through trust and trust is only accomplished through open, honest & human interaction with its customers and its employees.

Business has to friend, in the Facebook sense, its customers.

It’s a whole new, exciting world. This keynote presentation examines this concept and provides the practical thinking required to accomplish it.