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I want to be the oldest Rocket League Grand Champion in the world. And now I’m being sponsored to make a go of it.

Your first question of course is, “what is Rocket League?”. Allow me to back up a little first.

I was a gamer in my formative years. Of course, in 1982 a gamer was defined as someone who spent hours feeding 20c pieces into an arcade game at the local corner café. In my teens life took a detouring turn and during the intervening 25 years I barely touched gaming.

4 years ago at the age of 43 I wanted to find something to do during my downtime, something to relax and unwind. I asked my son, Tyler, to go get me a cheap gaming PC and recommend some games. I played Hitman, Tomb Raider, Outlast, SimCity. They were fun but hardly absorbing.

Somewhere on social media I saw a GIF of a scene from Rocket League and it looked amazing. The worst possible, yet accurate, description of the game is “Car Soccer”. Rocket powered cars chasing an oversized ball around an arena. I bought the game and I was hooked. In 4 years I’ve not played another game other than Rocket League. When you think “Car Soccer” you probably have this in mind: Rocket League Review. But at the higher levels it’s looks more like this: Rocket League Champion Series

I believe it appealed to the 80s arcade gamer in me. Short games of 5 minutes each. I could sit for 10 minutes or an hour… or more. Each match was brief with a clear objective. Other games tend to be long story lines with increasing achievements. Enjoyable, but short on dopamine for me.

The game has jaw dropping mechanics at the highest level. It has gone on to become one of the top 20 eSports in the world and made celebrities of the young stars in the game.

But I was in it for the fun. I didn’t take it seriously, it was simply a fantastic way to unwind. In fact I played the game for a year before I discovered there was a competitive ranking system.

Even though I could play for 3-5 hours in a stretch I never actively worked to improve my mechanical skills in the game. Everything I learned I learned while playing in ranked games.

Rocket League’s ranking system is a ladder with 73 rungs and 19 levels. Despite my lack of training, by sheer persistence and in-game practice I found myself on the 57th rung and 15th level of the ladder. By April this year I was at the point where I would no longer improve without committing to some training to learn the more intricate skills of the game. It was time to either move on to another game or make the push for the highest levels.

I did some research, which is to say I googled “how old is the oldest grand champion in rocket league?”. The oldest I could find is 43. My germ of an idea rapidly flourished into a full blown fantasy: I WOULD BE THE WORLDS OLDEST GRAND CHAMPION!

Rather than do it on the quiet I thought it would be pretty cool to make it a thing, document the journey and at the same time help to grow the game locally and also encourage older gamers to come out of their ass-worn couches. I’d make a youtube series and stream my games live on Twitch.

With this in mind I paid a visit to Predator Gaming at Acer. I pitched them the idea. They were awesome and immediately came on board as a sponsor.

So here I am, a “pro” streamer and quite probably Rocket League’s oldest at 47 years old. It’s frivolous, it’s gaming, it’s awesome.

If you’re keen, come watch: twitch.tv/deadedhorseborn

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